Are You on the Fence about
becoming a Medical Intuitive?

Free Q and A Session

Where you can connect with Stacey
and meet some of our Certified Sentelligent Medical Intuitives

Most people who have taken the training and got certified as Sentelligent Medical Intuitives had at least one of the following concerns before registering and often 2 or 3.

Which of these questions or concerns do you relate to?

• Is the 6 month training program sufficient for me to become competent and confident as a Medical Intuitive and really help people?

• What exactly will I learn to do?

• What kinds of health challenges will I be able to help others with?

• Will I be able to help people more than I can now?

• Can I learn to do this work well enough to feel competent and earn a good living at it?

• What will have me actually follow through and use these skills in real life?

• Will I be able to attract the clients who are open to this type of work in the area where I live?

• Is it worth the investment?

• Will I get the full value from it even if I can’t be on the live calls?

• Do I have fears or blocks regarding being a medical intuitive I am not aware of?

You may have other questions that have been brewing since you first asked for information on becoming a medical intuitive.

Bring your questions to the
Special Question and Answer Session I am holding
on Thursday, August 30th at 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET

Check for the time in your area

If you can’t be there live, submit your questions to me at Stacey AT and I will make sure you get the recording, as will everyone who registers.

Be there live if at all possible. I look forward to connecting with you. Call in by phone or Skype.

There will be Sentelligent Medical Intuitive graduates on the call who have offered to share their real life experiences with you. I know you will enjoy hearing from and interacting with them.

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