hillary-clinton-08-10Many people throw stones at Hillary for her mistakes. I decided to look at what is going on with Hillary from a health perspective that could be contributing to her errors and lack of good judgement.

This is not about my political views; it is meant to be educational information about what can affect people’s health, decisions and more. I also plan to write an article about Donald Trump.

As a medical intuitive, I know that many things on a physical level can affect our ability to make good decisions, to remember things, and our emotions.

Here is part of what I found when I did a medical intuitive reading on Hillary:

Overall Hillary seems to be in good health but like most people, she has a few challenges that are causing problems and are important to take care of before they cause more problems.

Here are some things that could be affecting her ability to think clearly:

1) I found 3 metals in her system:

  • Gallium
  • Tungsten
  • Thorium

These metals were found in her brain passageways and her her gut. This can definitely affect her ability to think clearly and use good judgement at times.

The metals are causing constriction in some arteries and meridians. This can affect the flow of thoughts, memory and energy.

These metals could have come from prescription drugs that she took a long time ago. Metals often stay in your system for a long time until detected and removed properly.

Companies used to put metals in prescription drugs and no longer do that to my knowledge.

2) Chemicals from plastics

Hillary Clinton has chemicals from plastic in her digestive track. (Bisphenol A – BPA). These can be found in bottled water and other products that are packaged in plastic. These chemicals are likely affecting her ability to think clearly.

The BPA chemicals are in her digestive track and are also affecting her absorption rate and ability to get what she needs from food. She is taking supplements to get what she needs.

She is getting too much of certain minerals and nutrients from the supplements. Her system has to get rid of that which it does not need. This is weakening her bladder and ureter.

Hillary is not the only one with these challenges. It is more common than you might think.


1) Chelation therapy to get the metals and plastics out is sometimes done. However that is hard on your system and pulls out minerals that you need. It is not recommended.

2) Acupuncture can help open up the arteries and passage ways to allow the chemicals and metals to leave.

Acupuncture is not right for everyone. It depends on the health of your elimination systems and other factors.

3) She may want to stop drinking fluids from plastic bottles if she is currently doing so.


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