Your Ego Needs to Heal for You to Regain Your Health!

Ego vs. Self Illustration

This is true even if…

  • You DON’T have a ‘Big Ego’.
  • People consider you nice and polite and/or
  • You are highly evolved.

Your Ego also needs to heal if…

  • You tend to rage or yell (out loud or silently) or
  • You tend to lose your temper and/or
  • You sometimes feel out of control and/or
  • You feel crazy at times.

NOTE: Even if you do not relate to the above…

Your Ego Needs to Heal For You to Regain Your Health!

Here’s Why:

  • The Ego (egoic cells) are contained in every cell of your body.
  • Your Ego contained the traumas, vows/curses, karma, fear, anger, etc. from abuse for all lifetimes (over 100 lifetimes). These are stored in what Stacey has named ‘egoic cells’ AND remain unhealed.
  • The above caused constriction and lack of ease in the body that compounded over time and caused physical pain as well as emotional and mental pain.
  • These issues never healed or got resolved as beliefs were instilled over and over again that ‘no one could ever help you’. These were also stored in the ‘egoic cells’.
  • As a result, your Ego never received help from traditional or non-traditional medicine or healing.
  • No other energy healing on the planet except Stacey Mayo’s programs heals the Ego (egoic cells) at this time.
  • Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health will NOT heal completely if your ‘egoic cells’ do not heal completely.

Breakthrough in Healing!

Stacey Mayo found that for each persons Ego to heal in a way that is sustainable, the healing energies had to be of a certain resonance and efficacy.

She also found other wounded parts that had never healed in some people who had very deep issues.

She created a new process for healing the ego and other wounded parts and tested it thoroughly with many people and animals who had a variety of chronic health issues including cancer, heart disease, hip problems, respiratory ailments, digestive issues, fatigue and much more.

After using this new process, she found that all her clients were healing much faster and noticing results even where nothing had helped them before.

She has since incorporated this process into all of her healing modalities.

Here’s What People Are Saying!

Working with Stacey has changed my life! My health and energy are immensely improved.

“Within 1 hour, amazing results were achieved… I am now able to eat whatever I want for the first time in 30 years! I have worked with over 50 different professionals with little progress. Working with Stacey has changed my life. My health and energy are immensely improved.”

~ Rosann Effron

Within 1 hour, amazing results were achieved… I am now able to eat whatever I want for the first time in 30 years!

“Within 1 hour, amazing results were achieved… I am now able to eat whatever I want for the first time in 30 years! Within 1 hour of receiving healing from Stacey, these results were achieved:

Heavy metals – all gone
Candida – gone
Parasites – gone
Food allergies and sensitivities – gone

Traumas and associated emotional, mental, spiritual issues with the above – gone…

Thank you so much. I am now able to eat whatever I want for the first time in 30 years!”

~ C.M.

My Lungs Are Strong After Being Weak For a Very Long Time!

“I have had shifts but no real lasting results with homeopathy and naturopathic lab testing, diet changes and supplements. The same with hormonal treatment. I have tried cranial sacral work, Rolfing, Neuromuscular bodywork (NMT) with some shifts happening but no real positive change. I could say the same with Matrix Energetics and Access Consciousness.

Your work stands out to me in the ways in that it is comprehensive and provides a more constant support I can lean into. I feel peace and have a knowing that I am progressing and healing at a deep level.

As a result of working with you for a short time, my lungs are strong after being very weak for a long time and my hormones are staying in balance. I can see through my eyes better and my properception has healed 100%! Thank you Stacey!”

~ Cathy

I Am Talking Through Things in a Way That Works

“I am talking through things out loud in a way that works rather than keeping them in my head. This helps me get clarity, make better decisions and let go and let God.”

~ Jenny

Two Brain Tumors Are Gone!

My brother’s dog’s brain tumor is completely gone. Additionally my brother-in-law’s brain tumor is gone.”

~ Mona Lisa


My Breast Implant is Gone and My Breast Has Fully Regenerated!

My breast implant has been energetically transmuted and removed and my breast has fully regenerated so it is normal and healthy again.

Thank you so much.”

~ Jackie


My Cancer is Completely Gone!

“My stage 4 cancer is completely gone. I have a lot of energy and a totally new outlook on life.”

~ Roger A.


I Am Able to Handle Stressful Situations Much Better

“My anxiety levels are significantly less than before. I am sleeping through the night most of the time and am able to handle stressful situations much better.


~ Kathy

My Long-term Sciatic Pain is Virtually Gone

“My long-term sciatic pain is virtually gone and my right leg is feeling much better.

Thanks so much.”

~ Jean

I Am Finally Able to Eat Without Pain — Acidic Feeling is Gone!

“I’ve had leaky gut for over 20 years. I am finally able to eat without pain. The acidic feeling in my stomach is virtually gone.

Blessings to you.”

~ Jack

Prevented Heart Surgery!

“I had 2 clogged arteries near my heart. Thank you for opening these arteries up and strengthening them and my heart. This saved me from needing heart surgery.”

~ Jerry H.

Chronic Fatigue Gone in 1 Month!

“I had chronic fatigue for over 4 years and after receiving your healing energies for 1 month, it is gone. I now have the energy to enjoy life again and am doing many things I had not done in years.”

~ Melissa G.

My Karmic Debt With My Alcoholic Husband Finally Healed!

“The karmic debt I had which required me to care for my alcoholic husband is finally healed. I have been trying to heal this for many, many lifetimes. I am finally free to move on.”

~ Polly

My Alzheimer’s Healed in 3 Months!

“I had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember things such as when I left a pan on the stove. It healed amazingly fast (in 3 months) via your help. Thank you so much.”

~ Lawrence B.

Osteoporosis is Gone!

“I no longer have osteoporosis or even osteopenia. Thank you.”

~ Kent T.

I Feel More Like Myself!

“I have lightened up a lot over the past few days and feel more like myself. Thank you.”

~ Jessica B.

I Have Been Shifting Out of That Yucky Place!

“I am having more insights about what is going on with me that has been keeping me down and stuck. As a result, I have been shifting out of that yucky place more often.”

~ Karen S.

WOW!! I Feel Great!

“WOW!! I feel great. I have more energy and am stronger. Went dancing for 2nd time in 2 weeks! Most everything seems to be at peace.”

~ Paula R.

My Ego Has Been Less Reactive in Stressful Situations!

“My ego has been less reactive in stressful situations. I am handling more things from a calm, centered place. Additionally, I have not been as angry.”

~ Steve C.

My Pulmonary MD Said He Never Head My Lungs So Clear and Open

“My breathing has improved; went to my pulmonary MD for routine visit and he said he never heard my lungs so clear and open.”

~ Robert R.

The Ego Healing Online Program

This program consists of 2 parts that work together.



PART 1 AND PART 2 are offered as separate options below as some people currently have Regenerate and Grace Healing.


This was created to help you:

  • Heal significantly faster.
  • Understand and move through the 10 Step Process for Healing your Ego and any other unhealed Wounded Parts.
  • Help your Ego learn to deal with life’s challenges from a peaceful, centered place.
  • Understand what it means to have a healthy Ego and what that looks like.


This was created to help you heal over the long term.

The EGO has gone unhealed for over 100 lifetimes. Regenerate and Grace are the only healing methods on the planet at this time that heal the Ego, other unhealed wounded parts and all of you.

When these two Parts of the program are done together:

  • Health challenges will heal faster
  • The Ego heals faster
  • Any unhealed wounded parts heal faster

More Details of What is Included in the Ego Healing Online Program:


Six Downloadable Online Classes

These classes will open you up to heal your ego, wounded parts and all of you faster in a way that is safe and will NOT over-process you. These classes will help you heal faster than if you use Regenerate and Grace alone.

In these classes, you will learn


  • What is causing you pain on any level – be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and how to heal it
  • The core issue behind your deepest challenges – whether they are love relationships, financial abundance, family, career, peace of mind or anything else.
  • What it will take to get healthy in all ways.
  • What it will take to overcome your deepest challenges and create what you truly desire.
  • Why it is important for all your wounded parts including your Ego to finally heal in this lifetime and how to do it.
  • The truth about ascension and the 5th Dimension

All parts of you including your ego will learn:


  • How to deal with uncertainty
  • How to deal with stress and anxiety in a way that works.
  • How to talk about things that bother you in a way that works.
  • How to deal with emotions such as anger, frustration and sadness in a way that works.
  • How to create your life anew
  • You will also receive healing energies to support you in the above


  • You will receive short audios to support you before the program starts and in between classes.
  • Each audio is custom energized for healing your ego, wounded parts and you each time you listen to it.
  • You will receive the healing energy from the audios via distance healing if you don’t have time to listen to the audios.

Q and A Online Session

  • You will have an opportunity to be called on and get a particular question(s) answered during this session.
  • Source will decide which questions will benefit all.


Bonus 1:

Wealth Activation and Attunement

Value: $497


Gold bars on dollars

This attunement will start as soon as you register and is custom for each person. It will open you up and align you with the wealth you desire consciously and subconsciously.

All Egos and unhealed wounded parts have a poverty consciousness that has never healed. This will help you attain new levels of wealth whether you have never felt financially abundant or you already do.

The energies are sent from a distance, will not over-process you and will continue for a year.

I Made $9000 in 1 Day!

“Thank you for the wealth activation. Three days after I registered for your program, I made and received $9000 in 1 day doing work I love. I only worked 5 hours that day and I took a 2 hour nap.”

~ Virginia M.

I Paid Down My Debt and Had Money Left Over!

“I was able to pay down my debt and had money left over to re-invest in my business. This is a huge win for me.Thank you.”

~ John W.

My Husband Bought Me an Anniversary Gift For the First Time in 15 Years!

“My husband bought me an anniversary gift for the first time in at least 15 years. It is a amazing gift and also expensive. This happened within a week of him receiving your Wealth Activation.”

~ Lori B.

Bonus 2:

Self Esteem Activation for
Your Ego and Other Wounded Parts

Value: $497


All of your unhealed wounded parts including your Ego have a low self esteem, even if the more highly evolved part of you does not.

This will raise the self esteem of the whole person.

This attunement will start as soon as you register and is custom for each person.

It will heal deep self-anger, self-hatred, and self-critical tendencies of these wounded parts.

These deep emotions go back over 100 lifetimes and cause disease on all levels.

These energies are sent from a distance, will not over-process you and will continue for 1 year.

I Appreciate Myself More

“My self esteem is getting better. I feel more like myself, laugh more often and appreciate myself more.”

~ Lawrence T.

Bonus 3:

Creating a Fun and Joyful Existence

Value: $111


This handout is energized to support you in having more fun and joy in your life. Read it every day to increase the amount of joy and fun in your life ongoingly.

If you forget to read it on certain days, you will still be sent the energies to open up your ability to have more fun and joy in your life in “healthy ways”.


Option 1: Ego Healing Online Classes


  • Six Online Downloadable Classes
  • Special Healing to Support Your Ego and Wounded Parts in Dealing With Life in a Way That Works
  • Short Audios to Support You Before and In Between Classes. These Audios will be Available as Soon as You Register.
  • All the Bonuses Above


Classes are 60 – 75 minutes each.

Option 1: Ego Healing Online Classes

Total Package Value $1700

Special Offer $130.00

***93% Savings***


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Deferred Payments on Early Bird Price. Only on Paypal


Option 2: Regenerate and Grace Distance Healing

This proprietary healing method heals all emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, genetic/ancestral, cultural, environmental, soul level issues for all lifetimes for the Ego, all wounded parts and all of you. This includes attachments.

This is the only method available today that heals the Ego and other deeply wounded parts that have not received healing for over 100 lifetimes.

This high level master healing is send from a distance 24/7. Your system is scanned by God 24/7 as the Ego and Wounded Parts get triggered a lot. New healing is sent each time the Ego, wounded parts or any part of you gets triggered or new healing is needed for any reason.

These healing modalities are able to heal all of the traumas, fears, PTSD, old ways of being that have compounded for over 100 lifetimes for each person and animal who you purchase healing for. It will also regenerate deteriorated cells throughout your system.

The healing will occur over time. Please note it takes time to heal these issues that have accumulated and gone unhealed for all these lifetimes.

Option 2: Regenerate and Grace Distance Healing

Retail Value is over $500.00/month
for 24/7 master level healing energies

Special Offer $135 for 1 Month of Healing

*** 73% Saving ***

To order more than 1 month of Regenerate and Grace for yourself, family members, pets and other loved ones. Simply change the quantity when you checkout.

You will be taken to a page with a form to tell us who you purchased for.


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Payment Plan Now available for Option 3 at checkout.

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Option 3: Ego Healing Online Classes Plus One Month of Regenerate and Grace Healing

Total Package Value $2200

Special Offer $265

***88% Savings***

Includes Everything Above

Pay in Full: $265


or 2 payments of $145


To order more than 1 month of Regenerate and Grace for yourself, family members, pets and other loved ones. Simply change the quantity when you checkout.

You will be taken to a page with a form to tell us who you purchased for.

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Deferred Payments on Early Bird Price. Only on Paypal


About Stacey Mayo

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She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is the Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

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