Big Yes Resources

The  resources below are for assisting you in clarifying your next Big Yes.  These will give you a leg up in clarifying what you want to do next that will excited you and resonate with your soul.

They are all PDF downloadable files. Please click on the link and the document will open. If you do not have Adobe PDF installed, please click here and follow the installation instructions.

Start with the Big Yes playsheet or audio, whichever you prefer.  You could have clarity on your Big Yes within an hour or so.   Take time to do it now or set time on your calendar to gain clarity on a Big Yes that makes you jump up and down with excitement.




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To learn more about the Sage Businesswoman Mentoring Program, you can download and listen to the free introductory seminar here.


HANDOUTS FOR EFT: Use one of the following handouts with the Big Yes Audio Class to clear your doubts about your Big Yes with EFT. Choose whether you prefer to tap on all the points as I guide your through the tapping session or just the hand tapping points (shortcut version). Both work well.