C.A.S.H. Grid Advanced Training



In this 90 minute fun, experiential class, you will easily learn:


  • How to use the C.A.S.H. Grid to attain even better results with your family & clients over longer periods

of time.

  • How you can help yourself and others overcome your circumstances more easily.


  • How to improve your CASH FLOW with daily use of the Grid.


  • How to up your “happiness level” with the Grid.


* This course is for C.A.S.H. Grid participants only and counts towards Advanced C.A.S.H. Grid Certification!

If you are not currently a Certified C.A.S.H. Grid practitioner, NO WORRIES.  This is for anyone who wants to learn more cool ways to use the Grid 


In This Program

You will learn how to use 2-3 SPECIFIC modalities in the Grid with the intention of feeling better and attaining results sooner.

You will be surprised at how quickly and easily you can shift using these specific modalities combined with the

power and ease of the CASH Grid


CUSTOMIZED SPECIAL BONUS for a limited time:

You will receive a customized bonus of Sacred Blessings Plus More in an Area of Abundance that is divinely chosen for you.

These will be sent to you over the course of 2 weeks time, starting within 24 hours!!!

This will help you in attracting, allowing and receiving more abundance!
(Value: Priceless)

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Here are the Logistics:

Where: Listen to the audio from your home or office:

Investment:  $95.00



 2 Payments of $55.00

– 2nd payment to be charged in 14 days