How to Open Up Your Intuition to

Access the Next Level of Your Higher Purpose

If you’ve been struggling with a sense of confusion about the career or business you have now or once had, I want to ask you three questions that will shift your whole perspective…

WHAT IF there is a reason for the confusion, the questioning, or perhaps a loss of security?

WHAT IF there is something else you need to be doing – like stepping into your purpose for the first time or going to another level of your higher purpose?

And WHAT IF there is a way for you to access that information very QUICKLY and EASILY?

This special 5-week class led by Stacey Mayo with guest appearances from Archangels Michael and Raziel will assist you in:

Opening up to your higher purpose OR in going to the next level of your purpose ( this will be helpful regardless of whether you’ve never consciously known your purpose or you have known your purpose for a long time an

are wondering what’s next).

Clearing blocks in the way of accepting your Purpose or the next level of your Purpose.
Learning how to clear the fears and beliefs in the way of going forward on your higher path with wealth, ease and abundance
Discovering your hidden gifts and talents
Heightening your own intuitive gifts and bringing your dreams and passions to fruition

Do one or more of these sound like you?

  • “I used to have so much energy, but now my energy and mood are lagging. I am just trying to keep up.”


  • “I was doing well but things just aren’t flowing in my career or business the way they used to.”


  • “I keep hoping that the next opportunity will make my life better.”


  • “I’d like to start a new business, if only I knew what kind of business.”


  • “I’d like to make a change, but it doesn’t seem like a good time to do it, so I’m just trying to stick it out.”


  • “I’ve had a successful career but it feels like there is something more for me to do. I just don’t know what that is.”


  • “If only I could redesign my life so all the pieces fit with who I really am.”


  • I wish I could create a business or tweak my business so it’s more me.”


  • “I worry about what I’d have to give up if I started a new business or endeavor or did non-profit work.”


  • “My friends and family think I have a good job, but I’m just not happy.”


  • “I have to struggle to keep up at my job; I’m not sure that it’s a good fit for my abilities.”


  • “I’ve already tried self-help books and even career counselors, but nothing seems to help.”


  • “I’d like a great career or business where I make an impact, have awesome relationships and make good money too. Is that too much to ask?”


  • “I’ve been there for my spouse and/or kids and now there is something else for me to do but I have no idea what.”
I have been working with Stacey and I highly recommend her. She is a fantastic career and business consultant and has been a critical influence in helping me transition between jobs and planning and growing my own business. She is a great partner to have through both personal and business endeavors.
Mary Brady


My job is going well and for the first time in my life, I’m financially in a very good place. The book I co-authored comes out next week and looks like we may already have some business lined up around it that will fit in with my job, nicely. I’ve negotiated a flex schedule at work to make room for the next book and have just this weekend started that book.I continue to refer people to you. The work that you and I did together helped me change my life. I am forever grateful to you for being in my life at just the right time.
Lisa Edwards


I went outside for a few moments and the impact of what you shared with me this morning, hit me hard… with JOY. It is if all the events of the pass were a piece of a puzzle that just fell into their perfect place and have created the most beautiful picture of a path carved into a most luscious forest.It is my path… paved by God. It gently and lovingly became clear … I am AwakeSo humbled and eternally grateful for YOU and your teachings. I could not have made this discovery without you. You are truly gifted and so generous in your encouragement and willingness to help others.Thank you again for being there and leading me to this amazing discovery.
Pamela Jorgenson
Partner Manager, Software Company


A Simple 5 Step Sentelligent Blueprint to embrace or move to the next level of your purpose tangibly in your life

Class 1 – Uncover the Next Level of Your Higher Purpose Regardless of Whether You Ever Knew Your Purpose Before or Not

  • Learn about the different levels of your purpose and what they represent (each person has 5-6 levels to their higher purpose)
  • Uncover the next level of your purpose via a special guided meditation via Archangel Raziel (Raziel means the secrets of God)

If you have any blocks to hearing your purpose, you will learn how to clear them in Class 2

  • Gain a new understanding of where and when you have lived out different levels of your purpose without even knowing it
  • Learn how to live out the next level of your purpose consciously, abundantly and with fun and joy

Class 2 – Learn the Proprietary C.A.S.H. Grid Healing Method

This special healing and manifesting tool is the Crystalline Attraction Sentelligent Healing Grid which I only teach to my students. You will learn to use it to clear fears and beliefs in your way and attract that which you desire in terms of money, clients, resources and more.

  • Learn to release blocks in the way of accepting, hearing or living out the next level of your purpose plus lots more.
  • Be able release 20 or more blocks/beliefs/fears at a time without even having to know what they are
  • Learn to use the C.A.S.H. Grid to attract money, resources, clients and more very quickly and easily. Use it as a catalyst to the Law of Attraction
  • Handout: Template for Using the Cash Grid – this handout provides simple steps which makes the process easy to use and quick to learn

Class 3: C.A.S.H. GRID Part II: Application to Your Life

  • Once you have had an opportunity to practice using the Grid for yourself, bring all your questions about using the CASH Grid Healing System
  • Gain support in identifying and releasing any further blocks to hearing, accepting or moving forward successfully on the next level of your purpose
  • Learn to clear beliefs that are in the way of making the amount of money you desire
  • If you cannot attend this class live, you can submit your questions ahead of time and they will be answered during the class
  • All classes are recorded and you can download the mp3 files and keep them forever

Class 4: Why We Were Given Special Talents and What Yours Are:

  • How to uncover your special talents as well as hidden gifts that you are not aware of
  • You will be guided in a special meditation from Archangel Michael to aid you in seeing and accepting your hidden gifts
  • Simple templates will be provided to guide you through the process of recognizing how special you are and how and the gifts you have been taking for granted
  • We will look at how to apply your gifts to your purpose for more fulfillment and abundance

Class 5 – How to Heighten Your Intuitive Abilities and Create a Plan to Bring Your Purpose and Dreams to Fruition

  • Understand why some of the things you are passionate about and have dreamt of have not been brought forward to fruition
  • Learn how to go past the blocks that are in your way of having you dreams and passions come true including financial concerns
  • Learn several ways to heighten your intuitive abilities
  • Plan out your next steps to moving forward with ease and abundance including training and action steps



MP3 Recordings of all 5 classes plus the bonus Q and A session below

BONUS 1: Three NEW Sentelligent Confidence Building Tools – quick and easy to use to boost your confidence and self esteem – takes less than 5 minutes a day (value $97)

BONUS 2: Transcripts of Each Class (to be delivered in 7-10 days after the live class) (Value ($175)

EXTRA BONUS FOR EVERYONE: Q and A Session after Class 5 to get all your additional questions answered and be sure you were able to ascertain and write down the next level of your purpose. If unclear, Stacey will tap in and access accurate information regarding the next level of your purpose for you.

If you cannot attend live, you can submit your questions ahead of time and Stacey will answer them in the class. She can tap in even if you are not there live. This bonus session will be recorded but not transcribed. (value $195)
If you cannot attend live, you can submit your questions ahead of time and Stacey will answer them in the class. She can tap in even if you are not there live. This bonus session will be recorded but not transcribed. (value $195)


BONUS 3: Meditations for Manifesting (retail $24.95)

This program includes 6 different downloadable meditations on mp3 to help you align with your desire and manifest it more quickly, no matter where you are on your journey. The longest meditation is only 12 minutes – easy to fit into your day.

BONUS 4: Sentelligent Reiki Attunement (retail $120)

This 20 minute recorded attunement will open you up to receive intuitive guidance more easily. It will take you from your current level to one level higher in a timeline that is gentle and easy on your body and soul. It will also allow you to do hands on healing. It will strengthen this ability if you have been attuned before. This attunement integrates the symbols into your energy field so you do not need to remember symbols when doing hands on healing.

Be sure to to wait at least 4 months before a prior attunement to be attuned again. You can download this recording and save it if it is not time for you to be attuned yet.

Archangel Raziel’s Magical Elixer Program – Guidance for Six Months to Assist You in Moving Forward on Your Path. We have arranged it so you will receive 6 months of guidance from Archangel Raziel to guide you in living out the next level of your purpose with ease, grace and abundance. Archangel Raziel is the wizard and alchemist of the archangel realm. Raziel helps us understand ideas that defy normal logic. He expands and challenges everyday thinking in ways that ultimately have healing effects

Archangel Raziel will show you how to:


  1. Let go of limitations and step beyond where you’ve been before.
  2. Consistently move beyond your fears
  3. Make more money in alignment with your purpose without feeling guilty.
  4. Move forward on your path easily and gracefully.
  5. Get your message out to a larger audience easily.

Guidance from Archangel will be delivered to your inbox 5 days a week, Monday-Friday for 6 months.

Each message and lesson will be energized to uplift and raise your vibration to that of wealth, ease and grace in a way that is gentle and right for your soul in the moment.

**You will also be matched with the perfect buddy for you to support you in staying on track with the program and moving forward easily on your path. They can help you identify what is in your way and what to put in the Grid as blocks come up.

(Retail $497)

BONUS: Worry-Free Business Building for the next 7 2 People Who Register for Raziel’s Special Magical Elixer Program (Retail $97)

Receive a BRAND NEW AUDIO that will release those worries that come up for you on a daily basis and energetically keep you from attracting well-paying clients and moving forward with your marketing initiatives and growing your business.

Special Prices expire March 5th

Purchase Raziel’s Magical Elixer Program Now –
Single Payment of $297.00

$165.00 each (2nd payment in 30 days)


Total Bonuses: Approximately $1100.00

Here’s What Others Have Experienced…

Barry was a retail executive who was burnt out and unhappy. After working with Stacey, he uncovered his passion for helping people heal and for creating conscious businesses. Today he has his own business which helps people uncover their potential and create and grow conscious businesses strategically.

Cheryl was selling multi-level products and walking slowly with a cane. She was in a great deal of pain much of the time and on a lot of medication. While working with Stacey, she uncovered her psychic abilities, which were suppressed due to fears about how to use them correctly. After clearing a number of old beliefs and blockages, her body healed and she no longer had MS. She started a business as an animal communicator, which is in alignment with her strong passion for helping animals.

Cathy was working as a consultant at a big six firm and had to travel all the time. She hated being away from her partner. Her stomach knotted up every time she got on a plane. Through working with Stacey, she discovered that she loved to entertain people at home. She became one of the first personal chefs in Atlanta and now teaches others how to become personal chefs.

Mary was a successful lawyer but was stressed to the max, worked way too many hours, didn’t have time for fun and had lost her passion for the law. Through working with Stacey, we uncovered her passion and ability to bringing people together and solve problems creatively. She has an outgoing personality and is an incredible networker and problem solver. She started her own online business portal, which provides resources for business owners and brings them together to support each other.

Glenn had been a drug addict off and on for many years. He got off drugs and worked with Stacey to get in touch with new levels of his spiritual path. He found new, healthier outlets for his sense of adventure and began writing a book to help others on their path.

It’s Time to Unlock the Next Level of Your Purpose . . .

and move forward with ease and abundance

START DATE: JANUARY 29TH AT 12:00 PT/ 1:00 MT/ 2:00 CT/ 3:00 ET



Your Investment:

Regular Price $397

Your Price: $297 – Save $100

This is 2/3 the price of a Career Intuitive Reading and Healing Session with Stacey, plus you get the CASH Grid Healing System worth $200.

Use Your Bonus Gifts to Start Manifesting

and Gain Confidence Before the Class Even Starts

Purchase Now – Single Pay


100% Guarantee

If you attend or listen to all 5 classes and the bonus session and are not satisfied with the content you received, let us know within 48 hours after the bonus session and we will refund 100% of your money. You get to keep the bonuses. Otherwise, no refunds or cancellations. We created this guarantee for 2 reasons. 1) We are confident in the materials and program that we are providing for you. 2) To support you in getting the results you desire and going past the fears and blocks that may come up during this program. (If situations arise such that you are unable to complete the program and bonus session within 6 weeks, let us know and we will extend the guarantee.)

About Stacey Mayo

A well-known coach with a wide following, Stacey Mayo was a pioneer in the now-booming coaching industry. Stacey established the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 as a vehicle to carry out her life’s work. As director of the Center, she has assisted thousands of people across the nation in living out their dreams with amazing results. Stacey is a Master Certified Coach, a Medical Intuitive, a Career Intuitive, creator of The Sentelligent Solution and The One Minute Meditation. She teaches and certifies people to be Sentelligent Medical Intuitives and Purpose Intuitive Consultants. She is a Certified Career Intuitive and a Certified Career Coach. She received a B.S. in Business from Tulane University.

Stacey was profiled on television in the CBS Evening News segment, “Confident Women.” She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Woman’s Day. She is a popular public speaker and author of “I Can’t Believe I Get PAID to Do This!”, named Best Book by USA Book News and for which she was recognized as Georgia Author of the Year. Stacey is excellent at intuiting your purpose, gifts and what is in the way of you going forward with ease and abundance and at teaching you how to do the same.